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BRS Reverse Osmosis Chloramines Monster


Chloramine is different than Chlorine and is used in 10% of U.S. water supplies. Standard RO filters will not remove chloramines from the water. If your household water supply contains chloramines install the Chloramine Monster before your current RO system. If you are unsure if your city uses chloramines, call your water treatment center or city hall and ask. They should also be able to provide you with a water quality report as well.


Each BRS Reverse Osmosis Chloramines Monster contains a Pentek CRFC20-BB Radial Flow Carbon Filter and is ideal for chloramine taste & odor reduction in POE (Point-of-Entry) and other high-flow rate applications. The CRFC20-BB reduces chlorine, chloramines, taste & odor, and particulates from your water.


CRFC20-BB features:

  • A radial flow design that offers low pressure drop, minimal carbon fine release, and extended cartridge life.
  • The huge radial cartridge of surface modified carbon provides the extended contact time that is required to properly convert chloramines into harmless chloride and nitrogen. 
  • At common RO system incoming flow rates (less than 1g/min) the manufacturer has informed us the Pentek CRFC20-BB cartridge will last 75,000 gallons. 
  • At a 3:1 waste to product water ratio this filter will produce almost 19,000 gallons of RO water. 
  • We recommend this unit be used in conjunction with the Pentek ChlorPlus carbon blocks in your RO system.