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copy of Pentek ChlorPlus Carbon Block 20


Chloramines are different that chlorine which is used by most municipalities to treat the city water supply. Chloramines are chlorine reacted with ammonia to create a more stable disinfectant. At least 10% of the nation’s water supplies now treat their water with chloramines.


To find out if your city is one of them, call your city water supply and ask them directly or ask for a water quality report. To find the number for your water treatment facility check your water bill or call city hall.


Recommended filter arrangement for chloramine treatment when using the Chlorplus Carbon Blocks

  • Stage One - Sediment filter
  • Stage Two - Refillable cartridge with Catalytic Activated Carbon -
  • Stage Three - Pentek ChlorPlus carbon block


Note: With advancements made in filter technology we now supply BRS Universal Carbon Blocks and include them on all of our BRS Universal RODI Systems which we would recommend for chloramine filtration over the ChlorPlus Carbon Blocks. If you wish to upgrade your current system to utilize BRS Universal Blocks you can easily change out the catalyic carbon, and ChlorPlus filters for Universal filters.