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Radion Hanging Kit


The most flexible way to hang your Radion lights.

Radion LED lights come equipped with mounting eyelets, but for more flexibility, EcoTech offers two additional mounting solutions — premium hanging kits and rail kits.

Because Rail Kits are modular and come in two lengths (16 in. and 18 in.), many custom spacing and hanging arrangements can be created. Both the 16 and 18-inch versions come with 72 inches of hanging cable.


Premium Hanging Kit

This easy-to-install kit features rust- resistant hardware that attaches to your Radion’s mounting points so you can suspend the light above your tank. The kit also enables tool-free height adjustment.


Short and Long Rail Kits

Sleek and lightweight, these aluminum and steel kits are modular and enable multiple Radions to be hung together. The minimalist design helps maintain the natural beauty of your aquarium.

SKU: ETM1101