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Skimz SL203 Leopard Protein Skimmer


Skimz SL203 protein skimmer is the perfect solution to reefers with space constraints, yet wanting an ultra-high performance skimmer.. Fitted with VSC5000-DC needlewheel pumps, Skimz SL203 draws an amazing 1,800 litres per hour of air. The incredible skimming performance of the SL203 makes it suitable for tanks up to 2,000 litres and will meet the needs of the most demanding reefer.



L234 x D387 x H558 (mm)


Skimmer Body Diameter:

200 mm



1 Skimz VSC5000-DC with six preset RPMs and food shutter timer


Air Intake:

900 - 1,800 l/h


Total Watts:

13 - 35W


For Aquarium:

up to 2,000 L