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Skimz SV203 Oval Protein Skimmer


Skimz SV203 Oval protein skimmer is the smallest model that is rated for aquarium systems up to 1,200L. Skimz SV203 skimmer draws an air intake of 1,200 l/h of air while consuming only 19W. Fitted with VSC3000 DC needlewheel pump, SV203 has an RPM controller with six presets, is low wattage and has a small footprint.



L194 x D285 x H525



1 Skimz VSC3000-DC Pump with six preset RPMs and food shutter timer


Air Intake:

600 - 1200 l/h


Total Watts:

9 - 19W


For Aquarium:

up to 1,200 L