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Tunze SmartController 7000


LED control (light control) - Multicontroller 7097 / SmartController 7000

Individual adjustment of the connected TUNZE® LED color channels, with sunrise and sunset times, seasonal adjustments, moonlight, lightning simulation during the storm and de-sedimentation function, and demo-light for each light channel.


Oscillating current with Wavebox or Turbelle® pumps - Turbelle® Controller / Multicontroller / SmartController 7000

In Turbelle® Controller/Multicontroller/SmartController 7000, the pump channels can be used as a Wavecontroller for the direct or alternating operation of the Wavebox or the Turbelle® pumps. This function comprises the automatic search of the resonance frequency, which can be combined with wash of waves or high and low tide simulation.


Storm for desedimentation (storm cycle) - Multicontroller 7097 / SmartController 7000

Like in nature, sediment should be removed from a reef aquarium in regular intervals. This function can be programmed in Multicontroller 7097 / SmartController 7000 to be carried out automatically; the pumps connected are controlled on the basis of an efficient and precise rhythm.


Night setback (nightmode) 7090 / 7095 / 7097

The photo-electric cell 7097.050 is used to reduce the performance of the Turbelle®pumps at night. As in a reef, small animals and plankton can rise in the aquarium completing the natural cycle of diurnal and nocturnal animals occupying the habitat.


Moon phase simulation (moonlight) - Turbelle® Controller / Multicontroller / SmartController 7000

The controllers and Moonlight Turbelle® with photo diode 7097.050 contain a moon-phase simulation function with LED light and adjustable 29-day moon phase.


Foodtimer - Turbelle® Controller / Multicontroller / SmartController 7000

The pumps can be stopped completely by the push of a button to enable feeding. After about one to fifteen minutes (adjustable), a restart is carried out automatically.


Simulation of tidal currents (interval) - Multicontroller / SmartController 7000

The pump channels are switched on or off alternately. The water flows through the reef from both sides at an adjustable switching time from 1 minute up to 12 hours.


Wave simulation (pulse only) - Turbelle® Controller / Multicontroller / SmartController 7000

By setting the maximum and minimum outputs as well as the pulse duration, high and low water velocities can be produced generating a natural wash of waves under a one-metre water column.


Random flow - Multicontroller / SmartController 7000

Random flow is generated by wave simulation and sequential pump operation. For quite a number of special reef zones (surf) this combination may produce an interesting water movement.


Sequential pump circuit (sequential) - Multicontroller 7097

The Turbelle® pumps are started sequentially, which permits the generation of a swelling current.


SmartController 7000

Within a single device, the new TUNZE® SmartController 7000 combines all important functions needed to create natural conditions within the aquarium. Till now, this required a variety of controller devices, where the alignment among the individual units often couldn't be implemented in a functional manner. The advantages of the new user-friendly all-in-one solution from TUNZE® are an easy handling, the clear overview and the optional compact installation into nearly any kind of aquarium furniture or the wall mounting.
The SmartController 7000 can control all Turbelle® electronic pumps and TUNZE® LEDs, switching sockets and valves. In addition, it measures and regulates the temperature, the pH value and the redox potential. The settings can be easily performed through a web interface with any Wi-Fi-enabled device which uses a web browser. But even without a Wi-Fi enabled device, it is possible to quickly and easily perform the basic settings via the touch panel.

Together with Turbelle® pumps, it is possible to reproduce complex ocean flow conditions in the aquarium. In conjunction with the TUNZE® LEDs, the course of a day just like in real nature can be simulated with the pumps. For this, the LEDs can be adapted to the brightness of the respective seasons. 
The fail-safe real time clock even stores the time during power outages, and without a leak-prone battery. 

The smart controller 7000 is able to maintain a constant temperature, and also regulate the heating or cooling. 

The galvanically decoupled pH / redox measurement guarantees an accurate measuring result at any time, regardless of all other connected electronic devices. The SmartController 7000 directly controls a solenoid valve, and thus the CO2 level to obtain a constant pH value in the aquarium or in the calcium reactor; with redox control and ozone, it controls a controlled power socket.
In case of a power failure, the SmartController no longer controls any output. If flow pumps are connected to a safety connector 6105.500, the SmartController 7000 must also be connected to a safety connector.


Scope of Delivery: 
SmartController, temperature probe, 4 connection cables, mounting set. 
Suitable for devices with Wi-Fi and browser. 
Dimensions without mount 
(L x W x H): 133 x 33 x 116 mm (5.2 x 1.2 x 4.5 in.).


For a software update, please download both ZIP files which are attached below.


Instructions for use

1: Deutsch, English, Francais (x7000.8888) 

2: Italiano, Espanol, РУССКИЙ (x7000.8882)


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